Travel Capsule Wardrobe

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No one likes to carry heavy suitcases around when they’re trying to enjoy their winter traveling, so packing a travel capsule wardrobe is a must. We put together for you a well-edited, remixable collection of clothes to pack ahead of time. On your trip  your luggage load will be lighter and you can get dressed on autopilot and still feel stylish (and warm). And, don’t forget to wear the bulkiest pieces (coat, sweater, chunky boots) on the plane to save space in your suitcase. 

Turtleneck, blue print blouse and mock neck pullover sweater, a mix of fun and basic, cozy and polished. 

Notably less fun, but they’ll go with everything: black denim, a  high waisted faux leather pencil skirt and classic white pants.

What about a pretty printed dress and tall boots?

Two pairs of shoes will see you through any length of trip: tall knee high boots and nicer looking shoes for walking.

When your coat is all that most people can see during the day, it’s nice to have a fun one, so wear solid wool coat.

To carry things try a cheery crossbody bag and for travel or business trips a basic tote. To keep warm: a cozy scarf and flees lined black tights (they’re a winter miracle). To add some sparkle and finish your outfits add asknhave comfy and lightweight hoops.

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