Are You Ever Too Old To Wear Jeans And Pair Of Sneakers?

agate Blog blue agate Casual Jeans necklace outfit t-shirt

Let’s shout out a load “NO!” This week our outfit went towards contemporary direction. Like us, jeans are practical, sexy, cool and get better with age. Level up your casual wardrobe with gently faded and distressed Kut From The Kloth boyfriend jeans for a trendy look. This soft and stretchy round neck white t-shirt by Blackmyth will be one of your new favorite t-shirts. You will not get unnoticed and will get many compliments the day when you will wear it. Top off your edgy look with this cyprus vine color faux leather jacket by Tahari.(Machine washable!). Add some playfulness to your outfit with this snake print and star low top Steve Madden sneaker. Plus, round toe and lace-up vamp will give you extra comfort.

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